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Mr Gladbottom

About “Mr Gladbottom”

My story

I suffered from some health issues in “that area” of my body. I’ve Hemorrhoids throughout my life and also had surgery.

A doctor once told be me to “wipe gently”  to avoid irritation – Instead I  decided to try my detachable shower head to clean! Voila!

No irritation. No Itch. No PAIN! Hmmm Maybe I’m onto something?

I immediately went out and bought a hand held bidet. Since then I’ve continued to upgrade and Ive never looked back.

It got me wondering: Why do people wipe anyway? Wiping smears, itches and irritates; often it takes many wipes or even flushes.

Bidets bypass all these problems. Bidets are also very helpful for hairy men! Much cleaner! Your girlfriend or wife with thank you! 🙂

My ultimate satisfaction is improving peoples lives. Everyone I introduce to bidet toilet seats loves them and wonders why they never switched sooner!


10 Reasons to Switch to a Bidet

Go Clean & Green!

Cleaner / Better Hygiene
Kinder to your body
Great for Hemorrhoids, the elderly and disabled people
Physically easier than wiping
Helps environment
Save $ and waste
No more bulky packages of toilet paper to buy
Get rid of Toilet Paper Forever!
Reduces Clogged Toilets
Pleasant Experience

Top Questions

Myths demystified

Q: Are bidets sanitary?

A: Water is more sanitary. It gently cleans without smearing like toilet paper. Bidets self-clean themselves.

Q: How do you dry off after using a bidet?

A: You can pat dry with toilet paper or small towel or better yet spoil yourself with a  Bidet toilet seat with a blow dryer!

Q: Is a bidet for a man or a woman?

A: Both

Q: Are bidets good or bad for hemorrhoids?
A: Gently rinsing with water is much better on your hemorrhoids than wiping!